Details on what Jamie Carragher who has finally admits he was wrong about ‘Special' Man U defender Lisandro Martínez

Jamie Carragher was born 28 January 1978 he is an English Football Pundit and Formal Footballer who played as a defender and his is now a Commentator and Pundit.

Lisandro Martinez was signed from Ajax to man u, 2022. He has been a brilliant player since he joined Manchester United, the center defender has brought alot of quality in man u defence with the pair of varane.

Here is what Jamie Carragher said about “Lisandro Martínez”, He said “Martínez has been brilliant. To be that small and play center back, you obvious have to be a special player. He's been a big part of Manchester United's spirit. Every player has weaknesses, the best players hide them or make sure they don't get exposed. He's a really good player and he's surprised me the way he coped. At the world cup with Argentina, we saw him have that fight with him and casemiro coming in, they feel more powerful and strong. Someone of that size will get exposed in the air- the has to happen at some stage. (Overlap)”.

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