9jaflaver Distro: 9jaflaver Teams Up With Symphonic In Bringing Digital Streaming Distribution, Analytics And Stream Revenue Management To Music Artists in Nigeria

9jaflaver.com through 9jaflaver Media has partnered with Symphonic to bring music services to creative artists. The new partnership will see music artist content widely distributed through digital streaming partners such as Spotify, Apple Music and more. This partnership will ensure that any artist interested in working with 9jaflaver will have the opportunity to reach a greater audience, transparency, and more monetization options that ever before.

9jaflaver Distro was launched in 2022 as a result of request from music artistes that uses the platform for free download music promotion on its blog 9jaflaver.com. Most artiste are now looking for a better way where their content will cut across not just download from blog but streams from different channels which will make their music accessible to users across every platform in the Globe. This new change will allow music artiste to generate revenue and also create a better catalogue and profile for them.

9jaflaver.com is rated the most visited music blog in Africa with over 700 million page views monthly. The blog has stayed on the internet for more than Eight (8) years, serving it web visitors with non-stop entertainment. 9jaflaver has displayed commitment in changing and diversifying the music promotion space with unique user experience and engagements for artiste. The recent development of its music App 9jaflaver Go App has proven that 9jaflaver is willing to create an enabling environment for music artiste to thrive. The partnership with Symphonic will see music artists benefit immensely when it comes to management of their song and standard promotion which cannot be gotten elsewhere.

The power of this collaboration will give every artiste an equal opportunity to thrive in the music scene and break the chain of middle man promoter” who choose what trends based on the resources and budget of the artiste. The artiste needs not to worry as 9jaflaver and symphonic has this all these covered through Direct Artiste to Distribution/promotion channel for them to use. These time, your music will hit your target audience, integrated feedback and comment system for you, More Streams for you and More Revenue for You.

Symphonic and 9jaflaver will give music artiste the power to manage their career and provide them with support system that gives an edge over information to help them succeed. Music artiste can now tell a story of their “win and performance” to the world.

We welcome you all to 9jaflaver Distro powered by 9jaflaver.com and Symphonic

About Symphonic

Symphonic Distribution is a 100% independent music distribution and marketing company headquartered in the USA and internationally in Africa, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Spain and more. Founded in 2006 by music producer Jorge Brea, Symphonic provides global digital music and video distribution, marketing planning and strategy, including playlist support, and a comprehensive suite of services for artists, record labels, managers, and distributors. Symphonic has worked with clients such as Surf Mesa, Stick Figure, CloZee, El Alfa, Juan Luis Guerra, Doechii, Curtis Roach, ALOK, Nick Murphy aka Chet Faker, La Ross Maria among many others across a wide variety of genres. Recently, Symphonic received a $37M investment to continue to expand its business worldwide.

About 9jaflaver Distro

9jaflaver Distro is a first-of-its-kind content platform to lead the movement of how music is distributed across digital platforms and blogs. 9jaflaver Distro pairs with not just music but cut across lifestyle and 360-degree view of non-stop entertainment. The 9jaflaver Distro unlike other popular distro channel will walk artiste through a better guide in the business of entertainment and management. It will also provide audience with opportunity of choice and easy navigation to content on the channel.

Launched in 2022 9jaflaver distro was established to provide direct catalogue management for all digital content for artiste signed up to its platform. 9jaflaver Distro is forecasted to become the leading distro channel in Africa by the end of 2022.

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