Why My Husband Prefers Me Using Private Jet — Actress, Regina Daniels Reveals

Regina Daniels, the Nigerian actress, has said her husband, Ned Nwoko, prefers her using his private jet whenever she wants to travel because he always wants to keep her stress free.

The mother of one added that she had already booked flight tickets for herself and her staff on a commercial airline but her husband asked her to use his private jet instead.

She made this revelation on her Instagram page on Friday. She posted, “Fun fact: I actually booked my ticket to Delta because I am going for some jobs, but my husband always keeps me stress free and insisted I go on a jet even if he is out of town.

“The funniest part is he watched me book tickets for myself and staff until I came to tell him I was leaving and he said, ‘Just go straight to the private wing; the plane is waiting for you’.”

Daniels is known to live a flamboyant life as she often travels to several exotic locations on vacation.

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