Why I Don’t Attend Burials – Actress, Tonto Dikeh Reveals

Why I Don’t Attend Burials – Actress, Tonto Dikeh Reveals

Tonto Dikeh, the Nollywood actress, has revealed that she has never attended any burial due to a decision she made as a child.

She made this known on her Instagram page on Thursday, where she noted that the burial ceremony of her “mother” may be the first one she’d ever attend.

The star, who had been absent from social media for a while, was reported to have lost her stepmother who had been a mother figure to her.

In her recent Instagram post, the actress addressed her friends who had felt shut out during her loss, adding that she had chosen to mourn privately.

She also noted that if she invited them to her mum’s burial, she wouldn’t be able to repay the same favour when the time comes.

The controversial actress added that she neither needed consolation messages nor monetary contribution, adding that the only support she’d appreciate were prayers for herself and her family.

“I have never attended a burial before. I will never attend one too. I said this when I was a child and I stick by it,” the grieving actress wrote.

She continued, “My mum’s burial will/might be my first ever. To all my friends who think I am shutting them out, my reason is I don’t attend burials.

“If I let you attend my mum’s I will owe you the same favour and I can’t repay that. If you love me, pray for my family. If you intend to support me, only pray for me.

“Don’t send a dime or a consolation message. I don’t do so well with that! But know I appreciate you all a lot and I’m grateful.”

Describing how she felt, Tonto Dikeh said, “My pain is bigger than you think. Your presence may mean a lot but I’ll love to grieve privately.”

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