Get Used To It Or Get The F**k Out Of My Page – Tonto Dikeh Fires Back At People Who Say She’s Too Godly To Post Certain Things

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has a word for people who condemn her for doing certain adverts and posting items they deem ungodly.

Some of her followers believe that as one who describes herself as a ”Radical for Jesus”, she shouldn’t be sharing certain things on her page.

Responding to this class of people, Tonto in a video posted on her Instagram page this afternoon, said;

”I have been getting messages of what I am supposed to be posting and what I am not supposed to be posting. The truth is…someone said I am too Godly for this kind of post and I actually believe that and the same thing I told God that I was too Godly for all the bullshit that he let happen to me.

I am in a phase in my life where I don’t give a Fk and that is not because I am hurting. I just want to live. So whatever is going to bring me money apart from me selling my body, I will do it. So get used to it or get the Fk out of my page”

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