Billionaire Son, Odogwu – Heartwarming Video of Davido’s Crew Members Hail Ifeanyi as Owner His Father’s Empire

Davido’s son, Ifeanyi has been left blushing after the singer’s crew members were seen in a trending video hailing him.

 In the video, Davido’s crew members could be seen calling Ifeanyi billionaire son and owner of his father’s huge empire. Obviously, Ifeanyi has a claim to his father’s dollar empire alongside his two sisters Imade and Hailey. 

 Davido has already secured the future for his children.

The greatest legacy he left for them is by securing their future and making sure they never taste poverty in this life.

 The lesson here is for every man to double his effort to give his family a better future. Nothing beats that. 

Watch video below:

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