Actress Funmi Awelewa Cries Out Over Her Mother’s Loss Of Sight (Photos)

Actress Funmi Awelewa has cried out over her mother’s health condition, recalling how she put her career on hold to take care of her.

In an Instagram post on Thursday, Funmi revealed that her mum is battling a sickness that has affected her sight, causing blindness to the woman. The Yoruba movie star also lamented that watching her going through such pain is frustrating.

“The last few months were tough for me but I’m grateful God gave my mother another chance. At a point, I lost my mind and I couldn’t find a better word to describe how I felt… Seeing one’s mother going through so much pain can be frustrating. As if it wasn’t enough for a mother that lost her sight long time ago.

“Seeing her in so much pain made me sad and affected everything that surrounds me. It affected my career, I stopped going to the location since last year July because I concentrated on taking care of her. It also affected my business cuz I keep going from one hospital to another Trust me, I turned down many Party invites, some of my colleagues think that I am proud or I don’t want to mingle not knowing that I have what I am battling with which is my MOTHER’S HEALTH.

“What is my Joy when my mother is in so much pain. I so much love my family and I don’t joke with them but trust me the last few months have changed a lot about Me. Is it the money I spend daily? Or the “every 2hours drugs” Hmmm It is well.
I can’t complain, we can’t complain,” she wrote.

The actress also expressed gratitude to God and prayed for the restoration of her mother’s sight.

“I’m grateful to God she made it alive. My family is grateful God. My only wish to God is to “PLEASE GIVE THIS WOMAN A CHANCE TO SEE AGAIN EVEN IF ITS JUST FOR 5MINS JUST TO SEE WHAT HER DAUGHTER HAS BECOME. Thanks to everyone that reach out!2022, I’m ready for the good things you have for me and my family,” she wrote.

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