Working As PA In The Morning And Knacking You At Night – Bobrisky’s Former PA, Oye Kyme Makes Shocking Revelation

Oye Kyme, the former P.A of Bobrisky took to her Instastories to make shocking claims about the crossdresser, stating that he is intimate with girls.

Oye claimed that Bobrisky ‘knacks’ her at night and harasses her almost all the time.

In her words:

“Working as PA in the morning and knacking you at night. I wanted to make new friends and he now beat me. This is real story. He dey knack girl. I didn’t went to Nigeria to have love story.

You wanted to force me to do things I don’t want. After you started harassing me you are such a toxic person. That is why I never get the power to rest on your matter. I think I’m good now I’ve clear my mind.

A lot of people have been telling me to rest but this is the reason I couldn’t rest. When I was in Nigeria, if it’s time to go to bed, he will be asking me Oye are you going to sleep with your trouser on? Bla bla bla. Stop using women gender to make money, na 100% man you be with big thing.”


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