Shan George: I Don’t Respect People Who Film Themselves While Helping Others

Actress Shan George has said that she has no respect for people who film themselves while helping the needy, Igbere TV reports.

The 51-year-old said this in an Instagram story on Wednesday.

“Abeg, feel free to reason am as you like o. As for me, I have no single respect for anyone who doesn’t keep their camera and their loudspeakers at home while helping the needy,” she wrote.

In another post, the actress wrote: “A true charitable heart does not need motivation to do good from any human.”

Concluding, the actress wrote: “If you need to see another person do good before you do good, you are just a busy body. E be you like say those wey no carry camera and loudspeaker no dey do good abi? Ode.”

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