Nigerian Man Narrates How He Dealt With Kids Who Wanted To Share His Drink

A Nigerian man identified as Cisco Levi has opened up on how he ignored some little kids who tried to share the bottle of coke their mother served him.

Cisco narrated on Facebook that he visited a woman’s house and was offered a bottle of drink.

Seconds later, the woman’s children rushed out with cups and stood in front of him, signalling him to give them some of the drink.

However, the visitor who didn’t want to share his drink, met his luck after their mother left the room and he quickly gulped everything, while referring to the children as ‘long throats’.

In his words;

“There’s this family I visited o. The woman bought me coke 50cl. Omo before I knew what was going on, her four children rushed inside each came out with cup.

Ok I now thought maybe they just finished drinking water. I lock up. Longer throat children they started behaving like cult!st o. They were just standing in my front. Thank God their mom went inside to check the food she was cooking, I smiled at them and did them longer longer. I sha finished the whole drink. They started crying o. I really annoyed them”.


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