Nicholas Ibekwe: IPOB Has Begun A Protection Racket In Orlu

IPOB has begun a protection racket in the Orlu and Orsu area of Imo State. The Orsu/Orlu axis is now IPOB’s enclave. My sources told me that the video of the beheading of the policemen was recorded somewhere around the axis. THREAD

For instance, bereaved families who are barely coping with the exploitative Igbo burial rites now have another burden added to their worries – pay the local IPOB cell or your burial will not hold. Period.

IPOB militiamen are now setting up checkpoints around the area. People are stopped and searched. If you work for certain government agency you could be tagged a “Sabo” (saboteur), tortured or even worse. People now pay to free their relatives apprehended by IPOB militiamen.

Due to the absence of the police in area, following IPOB’s relentless attacks on police stations, IPOB militiamen are now being called upon to settle scores and grievances.

Your guess of their methods of doing this is as good as mine.

The residents of Orsu/Orlu are caught between a rock and a hard place. A murderous militia which will stop at nothing to force obedience and an indiscipline military who only response to dissent is a brutal and indiscriminate crackdown.

Several families and individuals have lost their houses and other properties to these siamese twins of evil – the military and IPOB.

Igbo political and intellectual elites have elected to bury their heads in the sand.

While Ala Igbo is gradually but surely being destroyed.

When you speak to some of them in private they complain bitterly about Nnamdi Kanu and his gang of thugs. Publicly, they make excuses and cook up silly denial for the terrorist group.

What about your Igbo social media influences? Those ones are the worst.

They are members IPOB or not according to convenience.

Many of your social media influences who criticised IPOB’s sit-at-home and call to boycott the Anambra election were strong supporters of IPOB…

… before the election period. They were chief among those who lied that the attacks on police stations were not the work of IPOB and its militia ESN. They also pushed the false narrative that the attacks were orchestrated by DSS.

They opposed IPOB during the Anambra election because they thought a boycott of the election will aid an APC victory.

Watch them closely, after the election they have started leaning towards IPOB. Hard as they try to hide it any discerning person will see through their façade.

On a final note, those of you who are telling my uncles and cousins back home to warn me to stop tweeting about IPOB are wasting your time. I will not stop. The truth must be said, even if I am the only voice screaming it. Your insults will not stop me too.

And if anything happens to me or my loved ones, you know who to blame. End.

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