How I Wasted My Years As A Bachelor — Gideon Okeke

Popular Nigerian actor, Gideon Okeke has opened up the times he lived a bachelor lifestyle before finally getting married, Igbere TV reports.

Taking to his Instagram story, Gideon Okeke described his years of living a bachelor life a total waste.

According to the ‘Tinsel’ star, he engaged a chef for 8 years of his single life and he paid him 50,000 naira every month yet he couldn’t come up with whipping up this kind of bad a££ Egusi soup.

He expressed regret that he didn’t even use his status as a TV star to get one beautiful lady to support him and cook for him lamenting that he played himself.

Maaan! I gotta admit. My bachelor years were wasteful.

Let’s do this math. I engaged a chef for 8yrs of my single life, at 50k a month, and I STILL couldn’t come up with whipping up this kind of bad ass Egusi soup. I had to learn this shit on my own. My 3rd hand at it and no jokes, I got it in me.
But then again, 8yrs at 50k monthly is 4.8M
I played Myself. I didn’t even use the flex to catch 1 babe then.


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