”To Be Poor In Nigeria Is Tiring” – Actress Etinosa Reacts To Pastor Ibiyeomie’s Comments On Poor People

Nollywood actress, Etinosa Idemudia has reacted to Pastor David Ibiyeomie’s sermon on wealthy people switching off their phones during church service.

The actress in an Instagram story on Monday said that it is tiring to be poor in Nigeria. She also accused church leaders of berating members who come to seek comfort in God.

“To be poor in this county is tiring, your babe will broke shame you, your family will berate you. Even your church members, your spiritual family where you are running to for comfort will still tell you to sit at the back so camera doesn’t pick you and your wretchedness,” she wrote.

Pastor Ibiyeomie had said that it is only poor people that keep their phones on in church.

The clergyman stated this during his sermon on Sunday, saying such can never be found among the wealthy.

“Anyone whose phone rings in church is a poor man; his thinking is poor. Rich people don’t switch on their phones in church because they don’t want anybody to disturb them,” Ibiyeomie said.

Ibiyeomie, who is one of the spiritual sons of Bishop David Oyedepo, added that anyone whose phone rings in church has signed up for poverty.

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