Reno Omokri Replies Mohammed Yakubu Who Compared Him With Buhari

Dear Mohammed Yakubu,

Thank you for your comments. Sitting in the front row with world leaders is not an achievement. I was a Presidential spokesman for four years. I know exactly how this particular photo op is organised, because my boss attended them too.

Population is used to determine who sits where. Buhari is not seated in front because he is respected. He is seated in front because Nigeria has 200 million people. In fact, after this photo, he went about begging these guys for loans, of which they rejected his beggary. Is that respect? Methinks not.

However, if you want to use meeting word leaders as a yardstick for greatness, then I am greater than your Buhari, because I met Boris Johnson long before Buhari met him. Not only did I meet Boris Johnson in his private office at Parliament, but Mr. Johnson also modelled my #RenosNuggets official gear. I also met Mr. Johnson’s immediate predecessor, Theresa May, and the photo we took together, while she was in office, was featured in The Economist.

Last week, I was received in Iceland by the Tourism and Justice minister, and the video is still on my profile. Before that, I met with former Prime Minister Aznar of Spain, and former Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada. Please note that I did not beg any of these people for money, unlike somebody we know.

But none of that matters if I do not meet the standards of Godliness set by my Creator, and a man who kills unarmed, peaceful #EndSARS protesters during #LekkiMassacre is not worthy of respect.

You mentioned my family. Let us talk about pedigree. By the grace of God, I am a Number One bestselling author. I also have my WAEC certificate and a Masters in Law from the UK. My father was an Appeal Court Justice. My grandfather was an Olu of Warri. My great grandfather was a Colonial Director of Forestry. My great, great, great grandfather raised to power 18 was Olu Atuwatse I, the first West African to graduate from university in 1611.

Mohammed, who is Buhari’s father? Does Buhari know him? Did Buhari ever meet his father physically, or did he grow up entirely with his Kanuri mother? Who was Buhari’s grandfather? Who was his great grandfather? Please do be aware that I am only humouring you. These are rhetorical questions. I know the answer to these questions very well. I also know that neither you nor Buhari are in any way competent to lecture me on pedigree.

Thank you and may God bless you.

BuhariForPrison2023 #TableShaker

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