CSOS Commend National Commission over Refugee Welfare

The Conference of Harmonised Civil Society Organisations In Nigeria (CHCSON) on Tuesday in Abuja commended the management of the National Commision For Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons (NCFRMI) over what it described as superlative performances under the commissions new leadership led by Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim .

The group in a press release signed by it’s executive director Mr Oduma Richard Oduma maintained that the commission has made incredible progress within the last six months since assumption of office by Imaan-Sulaiman Ibrahim as the federal commissioner in charge of the commission .

The group said the Commission’s activities in the last few months were reviewed by joint task force of CSOs because they are of great concern to the ordinary people, and the current management has indeed demonstrated capacity to deliver on the set objectives of the commission in line with the statutes establishing the commission “

“As representatives of the masses we are indeed proud of the Imaan Sulaiman -Ibrahim led management ” a new Vista is once again restored at the commission. Oduma stated.

“All we can say is to urge the management to remain focused and commited despite sponsored smear campaign in some sections of the media to cause distractions for the new leadership .” We are aware of the saying that corruption will always fight back when accountability and due process becomes the new order.

” Recent false narratives pointing accusing fingers on the current managent depicts nothing but curruption only fighting back”

The group further advised journalists to conduct an independent tour of duty to verify the milestones recorded at the Commision within the last six months under Imaan Sulaiman -Ibrahim leadership.

“She has simply redefined leadership beyond the scope of mischief makers and that is what is important to Nigerians, and Mr president”

“The Zero hunger campaign has been rated as a turning point intervention by all stakeholders and is highly commended. “Mr Oduma stated.

“The group said with the judicious utilisation of international donor funds for logistics aide and internal accountability, the commissions management deserves a vote of confidence to maintain on that trajectory. The group urged the management not to be distracted.

Source:- Politics Nigeria

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