Jamiu Asuku Impacting Kogi With Free Medical Bills, Empowerment, Scholarships

Medical Bills, Youth Empowerment, Scholarships, Projects: How Kogi Chief of Staff, Pharm Asuku is Touching Lives and Impacting Kogi

The ascent of Governor Yahaya Bello as the head of Kogi State didn’t just convey extraordinary administration to the people. It moreover made room for explicit individuals to get the opportunity of reaching lives and lifting such incalculable people across families and religions in the state to say the very least.

Through the emergence of Yahaya Bello, a lifter of men and assumption rekindler known as Pharmacist Jamiu Asuku came into the spotlight. He is the Chief of Staff to the lead agent and the main thrust of the well-known new-bearing government in Kogi State.

Like a brilliant fish who has no disguising spot in the stream, the organized doctor has taken a central stage in Kogi administrative issues lifting individuals across all circles and reaching lives in scores.

It’s nothing unforeseen how the energetic chief has had the alternative to stay zeroed in on his work and gathered such a great deal of respect from Kogites. His illustration of access control has opened ways for certain people to be related with the public power – even people who had nobody.

Through Asuku, the Kogi state young people have knocked some people’s socks off of their state. He burned through more energetic hands and made a level wilderness exercise center with a comparable prize instrument.

We presumably will not have the alternative to only raise the doings of the man called Asukulifted and go into names of people supported through him since it is close to inconceivable very much like tallying the sands of the earth, nevertheless, a pool of people has been worked on through his philanthropy and kind-heartedness.

Many adolescents have been outfitted with I.T abilities through Asuku Foundation consequently situating them to flourish in the advanced tech world. The establishment doesn’t just train, learners are given PCs and a few contraptions needed to act naturally dependent. This is the upliftment of ages.

As a humane medic, it is unheard of that Asuku runs over a sick individual and leave their hospital expenses neglected. He is a bill payer and expectation restorer who has catered for the bills of many patients across all religions and circles including those for medical procedures.

Today, a youngster who came out as the best JAMB student is under a full study scholarship with her bills for studying Medicin at the University beginning to end paid. In case Asuku was not there, scarcely would anybody do this. He lifted the defenseless kid and reestablished her expectation.

Which do we say, which do we forget about? Several youths across Kogi and outside the state are honorably employed today after encountering Asuku.

It’s similarly acknowledged that the Chief of Staff is related with the new speed of progress appreciated in Kogi State. The public authority took a fast change when he came into office and his boss has been progressing impeccably passing on people along.

The story of Asuku can’t be told in a day anyway in an overview, on the off chance that he was not there, various youths in government today in Kogi won’t be expected to be there.

His is being treasured by people as he is lifting people and as he continues to make some solid, the lifted won’t disregard to lift the lifter as they have gone with the name Asukulifted.

Tomorrow isn’t far. History will be wonderful to Pharmacist Jamiu Asuku

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