Orijinal Owambe: How Orijin Pulled Off BBN Edition With Live Experience (PHOTOS)

Last weekend, Orijin, the custodian of culture wowed Big Brother Naija housemates and consumers in 100 bars across Nigeria with a grand orijinal owambe party.

Saturday night parties are the highlights of Big Brother Naija weekends and Orijin delivered with melodious afro music, flamboyant fashion, and its unique taste.

While Shine Ya Eye housemates partied away decked in stylish African prints, beads and handcrafted Orijin accessories, Orijin Ambassador Laycon led celebrity influencers and millions of Nigerians to unlock the Orijinal Code of Conduct – five codes to show authenticity and staying Orijinal.

To crown the Owambe weekend, Orijin surprised unsuspecting consumers across bars in different cities, with Oriki singers, drummers and fanfare, displaying the beauty of our rich art and cultural heritage.

With the Orijinal Owambe celebration, Orijin continues to blend the best of old and new, best of culture, tradition and the contemporary, to create something truly fresh, original and connected to our roots. Follow the original expressions of Orijin @orijin_nigeria on Instagram and join the Orijinal codes pledge with the hashtags #OrijinalCodes #StayOrijinal

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