Olawepo Hashim: Only A True Nigerian President Is Fit For 2023

Politics is heating up as politicians from all geo-political zones in the country, are advancing reasons why it is the turn of their zone to produce the President in the 2023 General Elections .

The North Central zone also has put up a simple case, that it is the only zone since the advent of democratic rule in Nigeria that has not produced a President or Vice President.

My position on this is clear. Every Nigerian from North Central or any other zone, who is able to inspire national revival, unite the country, secure the nation and prosper the economy of Nigeria is the only candidate capable enough to lead in 2023.

Many misunderstand the Federal Character Principle, it does not mean rotation of office, it only means that once the Chief Executive (The President) has been democratically elected into office from any part of the country, due diligence must be applied when appointing/electing other individuals into offices, such as Heads of other Arms of Government and Agencies and this should be done in such a way to reflect the plurality and diversity of the federation. This requires that electorate avoid the mistake of voting parochial people who can not see beyond their ethnic or religious cocoons.

It is the misunderstanding of this principle that makes some people think that executive office in Nigeria is a turn by turn matter. No, it is not. Nigeria is a democracy; anyone who must be President must win the vote at the National Convention of his or her party and thereafter, proceed to also win the Presidential election at the polls. There is nothing in our democratic practice that allows any region to be awarded the sole prerogatives to produce a Presidential candidate.
That is democracy!

Democracy requires persuasion to aggregate group interest. I suppose this is what North Central politicians are doing. At the end, democracy is majority rule.

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