Did Pretty Mike Pay Or Lobby For His Honourary Degree? Check Out What He Has To Say

However, in an interview with Sunday Scoop, Mike maintained that he neither paid nor lobbied for it.

Mike Nwogu, socialite and businessman, aka Pretty Mike, was recently awarded a honourary Doctor of Science degree in Business Management and Corporate Governance from the European American University, Republic of Panama.

While many congratulated him, some also insinuated that the honour was paid for.

However, in an interview with Sunday Scoop, Mike maintained that he neither paid nor lobbied for it.

He said, “It is a honourary degree and I feel honoured about it. I did not pay for it. I did a corresponding course with the college and after a year, they honoured me with a doctorate degree. Different institutes have ways of picking people they want to honour with awards. I got an honorary degree from the University of Panama. I am also currently walking on getting a PhD. I got my first and second degrees in Computer Science from the University of Houston, United States of America. As an entertainer, socialite and businessman, I may not need to show off my academic qualifications.”

Nwogu also stated that he had political ambitions.

He added, “I would not be a socialite forever. I am getting ready to go into Nigerian politics. I believe it is time that everyone should get involved in policy-making. We need to stop making a noise from afar and get into the political process. We must understand that the future of Nigeria is in our hands and we cannot leave it in the hands of the current players forever. The future is not looking good and something must be done to change it. One must use one’s platform to effect change. Social media should not only be about entertainment. I know that at some point, some people would question my educational qualification if I get into politics, so I had to tidy up my end. I am card-carrying member of the All Progressive Congress and I would advise young ones to get registered with any political party of their choice.”

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