Anthony Joshua’s Daily 5000 Calorie Diet Revealed As He Prepares To Fight Usyk

Anthony Joshua has been consuming a remarkable 5000 calories every day as he prepares to face Oleksandr Usyk on Saturday night.

The reigning WBA (Super), IBF and WBO heavyweight champion will step into the ring with the unbeaten Usyk in a mandatory defence of his belts.

Ahead of the bout at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, AJ has adopted a mega diet to put him in prime shape.

The 31-year-old ups his intake to double that of the recommended 2,500 calories a day for a male before all of his fights.

He had to learn to do so the hard way, though, as he revealed to Coach in 2018: “In the past, I didn’t eat enough… I’d have breakfast, snack during the day and then not eat until dinner.”

That couldn’t be further from the truth now with his nutritionist Mark Ellison making sure he eats a bucket load of useful food.

“Even though he can eat a large amount of food it has to be good quality – we can’t fuel him on junk,” Ellison told The Times.

“I’ve got a BMW 5-series and the haul from the groceries fills up the boot.”

Some of the food amongst the car load of produce is Joshua’s immense breakfast which usually consists of five eggs, fresh fruit, oats, yoghurt, milk, a selection of vegetables and sometimes even smoked salmon on a bagel too.

His morning intake doesn’t stop there as he will then have an electrolyte drink, a recovery shake and one of a sandwich, pasta pot or salad box.

Joshua’s lunch would be a large meal for two for most people – he will have two giant chicken breasts, sweet potatoes and vegetables, followed by more yoghurt and some honey.

The 24-1 pro tucks into two fillet steaks (meat) which are served up with vegetables, in case he hadn’t had enough already, and either pasta or wholegrain rice.

There’s still time left in the day to sneak in a bedtime snack of a slow-release protein shake and a protein bar.

All of that food goes into fuelling his 17-stone frame for the massive amounts of exercise and weight training he carries out in fight camps.

Ellison adds: “If anything he has to be careful because he can easily not get enough fuel in, especially when he’s doing two, two-hour training sessions a day and fulfilling media requirements.”

Source:- Daily Star

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