Reno Omokri: What Boko Haram Is Doing, The Church Did 10 Times Worse

People in Nigeria, particularly Southern Christians, they like to call Boko Haram, say Boko Haram are terrorists… Look, what Boko Haram is doing in Northern Nigeria, the Catholic church and the Anglican church did it all around the world.

In Latin America, they were forcefully Catholicised – by force, or Conquistadors kill you!

Latin Americans, they went to other people’s land, they forcefully… They did not call it terrorism. They are calling Boko Haram terrorists because they’re in control of the world, the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant… What they did was worse than what Boko Haram is doing. Go to Algeria, look at what the Anglican church did to the aboriginal… The natives…

In Canada, the one in Canada, they killed natives…

There was this controversy between Constantine and Arius of the Eastern church… They call it “the Arian heresy”.. Now what happened then was that in Rome (later spread to the Roman world all over Europe) if you did not believe according to the dogma that came out of the Council of Nicaea, they were killing you. So they were killing all these people.

And then when they want to kill you, they’re not just going to kill you. They will kill you say: “we are killing you in the name of God”.

So there used to be a lot of people in present day Turkey who actually believed in the same doctrines that Christ taught and they did not deviate from it. They did not change… They did not accept trinity and all of that. But they were killed one by one, one by one.

But there are still about 20,000 of them in Turkey. 20,000 of them. They were killed. These were people who used to be all over the country. They were killed until now there’s only 20,000 of them. If you go on YouTube, you’ll see where I preached to them.

So these are people they hold true to the original faith of Christ; that Christ taught when he was on Earth. They don’t believe in all these trinity, and praying to Yeshua (Jesus) and all of that.

But here’s the thing, at that time, they had something called “the Holy Inquisition” and you can just research it… Don’t take my word for it… Go and research it… Where for instance, they’ll catch you and say:

“do you believe in the trinity?”

If you say NO, you’ll be tied, they’ll put a fire. You’ll be burnt in that fire. Or they might put you on a stake. So that was how they wiped out away the pure Orthodox Christianity from Europe. They were killing people, they were doing a lot of things. It was a horrible thing.

So when I see people now come to say “Boko Haram are… What Boko Haram are doing, these people they did 10 times worse.


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