2023: Udensi Carpets Ukwa-la-ngwa Leader, Says Power Should Shift To Abia North

A renowned Interpol Systems Consultant, Sir Chikwe Udensi has taken a swipe at the leader of Ukwa-La-Ngwa Assembly, Max Nduaguibe for insisting that power should remain in the bloc in 2023.

Sir Udensi spoke in Open Parliament, a political programme on Love FM Umuahia monitored by ABN TV.

The APGA stalwart was responding to a call by Nduaguibe and his group that power should remain in Abia South.

Udensi said Abia Central and South have had their turn of the governorship seat of the state, maintaining that it is the turn of Abia North to produce the next governor come 2023.

“Today we have Abia North, Central, and South. It has moved round and it has to come back to the upper echelon which is North.

“Well, if anybody thinks otherwise, we will see what happens at the polls. If you ask me, we should maintain a situation where there is honesty of purpose and integrity.

“Those who are contributing in whatever sphere in the state where there is dishonesty, where there is lack of genuineness of purpose, where is irresponsible attributes, it leaves you with nothing order than a detailed state,” he said.

He faulted the permutation that having gone round, power shift can start from anywhere. He said the most appropriate zone to produce the next governor is Abia North and North-South where it currently is at the moment.

“We cannot negotiate with a self-centered arrangement led by somebody (Nduaguibe) who has not succeeded in any project he has attempted, not one single project.

“If you have a sheep lead lions, the result is very clear. I have looked at prominent members of Ukwa-La-Ngwa that are there. They can’t allow somebody who has no regard for success, who has never attained one before to lead them” he said.

Udensi insisted that the power shift arrangement practiced under old Imo State when Abia was yet to be created cannot be imported after a new order which has made Abia a tripod political formula has been made.

Source:- Abntv

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