Kenyan Pastor, Reverend Lucy Natasha Denies Allegations Of Arranging Threesome For A Nigerian Pastor

Kenyan pastor, Reverend Lucy Natasha, has denied claims that she allegedly arranged a threesome session for a Nigerian preacher with her aide and a female church member in 2015.

This comes after the now former church member who goes by the Facebook, Martha Mwihaki Hinga, on Tuesday, June 29, claimed that Rev. Natasha invited her for dinner together with the Nigerian Evangelist.

According to Mwihaki, Rev. Natasha and her mother and the brother left leaving her with her aide and the Nigerian guest preacher.

“Within 20 minutes I realized that Lucy had left together with her brother and mom, and I in the company of the pastor and the aide were left, little did I know that the girl was part of the script for a Threesome. Hahaha, yes I said a threesome,” the woman claimed.

She further claimed that the Nigerian preacher asked them to pray together but instead both allegedly sandwiched her.

The allegations soon went viral on social media prompting the clergywoman to issue a statement on Wednesday, June 30.

The statement posted on her social media pages by her communition team said the allegations are malicious plans aimed at tarnishing the reputation of the Empowerment Christian Church leader.

“As a ministry that is very active in preaching through various social media platforms, we seek to unequivocally dissociate ourselves with a malicious story tarnishing the reputation of our leader Rev Natasha and the ministry we are doing,” the statement read.

“We began our Miracle Monday Services in October 2017 and the same has been publicly broadcasted on our official handles. In the greatest words, the story and expose going round is totally false, unfounded, and out there to disparage our mandate.

“It’s worth noting that the said Martha Mwihaki Hinga is a Pseudo account that has now deactivated; she and/or her cohort has never been part of us. We wish to categorically state that we are a ministry committed to maintaining Biblical standards both in Theology and Practice. We are above board and deal with all attendees, members, public with utmost respect and integrity.

“Our church Empowerment Christian Church ECC remains a beacon of hope, an oasis of God’s love, and a sanctuary of worship, prayer and the Bible.

“To all the friends of ECC, Sons and daughters across the nations, partners, Natasha Hands of Compassion Team members continue keeping us, the Oracle in prayers as we continue shining the banner of God’s love to all. 2 Timothy 3:12 “And all who live a godly life in Jesus Christ shall suffer persecution.”

Head of Communication for Rev Natasha Ministries.

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