Ka3na, Lucy Hail Dorathy For Engaging In ‘Freaky Act’ With Bright O

Dorathy has been hailed by ex- housemates, Ka3na and Lucy over her freaky moment with Brighto.

Ka3na and Lucy hailed Dorathy for owning her truth after Wathoni revealed that she engaged in oral sex with Brighto.

After Dorathy admitted engaging in the sexual act with Brighto, Ka3na noted she salutes Dorathy’s courage for admitting that she engaged in the act without being shy or untrue about it.

“This whole thing that Wathoni said I salute my hat for you Dorathy for owning your truth with your full chest,” Ka3na said.

Lucy joined Ka3na in hailing Dorathy for admitting her actions in the house. Tolani Baj and other ex-housemates also commended Dorathy for speaking the truth.

Other ex-Housemates on the episode, TrickyTee, Praise and Laycon were all shocked when Wathoni made the revelation about Dorathy and Brighto engaging in oral sex while in the House.

A shocked Kiddwaya wondered out aloud saying: “Did all these happen in the same house. I mean, was I in the same house while all these happened?”

The BBNaija Lockdown reunion kicked off on Thursday, June 17, 2021, and the ex-housemates, who have featured so far have been revealing incidents that occurred in the house without the knowledge of many of the viewers and their fans.

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